International Workshop on Holography and related technologies (IWH2022&2023) will be held in Fuzhou, China, during December 5-7, 2023. We combined IWH2022 and IWH2023 because IWH2022 could not be held at Fuzhou of China last year due to Covid-19. This is the 16th workshop which covers overall aspects on holography and related technologies, holographic memories, displays, holographic measurement, computer generated holograms and digital holography, ranging from their fundamental physics and technologies to practical systems. The first International Workshop on Holographic Memories (IWHM2007) was held in Penang, Malaysia. IWHM2008 and IWHM&D2009-2010 were successfully held in Japan, which include overall aspects on holographic memories and displays. Since 2011, this workshop has extended the scope furthermore, and IWH covers the holographic displays, holographic optical elements, as well as holographic memories. IWH2021 was delayed by Covid-19, however, it held online successfully in March 2022 in Japan. This is the third time that is held in China, IWH2014 in Beijing and IWH2018 in Suzhou were highly successful. IWH2022&2023 is also jointly organized by the following associations in Japan and China:
 ・International Workshop on Holography
 ・Information Photonics Research Center of Fujian Normal University
 ・Fujian Pansion iOptics Co.,Ltd.
 In corporate with the following societies:
 ・Fujian Normal University
 ・Fujian Optical Society
 ・Holography & Optical Information Processing Committee of Chinese Optical Society
 ・Optical Society of Japan
 ・The Japan Society of Applied Physics
IWH2022&2023 ended successfully!
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