The organizers recommend pre-registration by Nov. 1, 2023. The "Registration Form" can be download from:

 The following registration fees for the IWH2022&2023 are applied:

Early-bird registration fee
(by Nov. 1, 2023)
Registration fee
(after Nov. 1, 2023)
Regular 2,500 RMB 3,000 RMB
Student 1,500 RMB 2,000 RMB

 All payments, should be made in Chinese RMB Yuan and by WeChat payment QR code or bank transfer (in China), and are non-refundable. On-site registration should be made with cash in Chinese RMB Yuan.
(After receiving the registration fee, the receipts will be sent to those who are registered.)

 *Regarding the issuance of the invoice that will be sent later. Please write the Invoice title and Taxpayer Identification Number (only in China) in the "Registration Form".

1. QR code for payment 扫码付款

Payment Remarks: Registrant Name

WeChat payment QR code
2. Bank transer 银行汇款
in China 在中国
 Registration is not completed without payment before deadline date.
 银行账号:4182 7920 6267
 Remarks: Registrant Name
 When you remit the fees you need to pay all bank charges of not only
a sending bank but also a beneficiary bank and an intermediary bank.
 So please ask your sending bank to arrange that you pay the other
bank charges.
from Abroad
 - to the participant from abroad -
 Due to the handling commission of the Chinese bank is considerably
high, please do not remit the registration fee from abroad.
 Instead, the participant are recommended to registrate by e-mail, and
pay the registration fee, determined by registrated date, by only Chinese
RMB Yuan at the site during the workshop.
 If you need further information and any inquiry, please contact us by e-mail:

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